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This is the place for those looking to add some creativity to their lives, homes or work spaces. I am a photographer, designer, presenter, mixed media artist and goal setter. Pursuing my interest in each to adds balance to my life and helps me achieve my goals. What are your goals? What do you want to create? Do you enjoy architecture and history? Whatever your interest, let's pursue it! It doesn't have to be lofty to be important in your life.

I can help you narrow down what it is you are looking to achieve and to get your started along a new path. 

Maybe you:                                                                                                                                                                                                      Want a beautiful piece of original art to enjoy each day- I can help with that!                                                                                            Want a new logo for your business- I can help with that!                                                                                                                            Want to attend a program about architecture and history- I can help with that!                                                                                       Want to make a plan for a life change- I can help with that!                                                                                                                       Want to narrow down options so you can focus- I can help with that!                                                                                                        Want to tackle a project, but need some framework- I can help with that!   

Often the hardest part is to know what steps to take first. It is easy to let fear and complacency keep us stuck in place. And whether that place is good or bad, it is familiar to us and we are loathe to leave that comfort zone. That is where an outside voice can help you see things in a different way, and clarify where you want to get to. 

I offer group workshops that explore different topics, photography lectures, and mentoring for groups and individuals looking to make a change in their lives. So much is possible once you can clear out the excess!                 

My lecture style programs feature local architecture with a bit of each building's history. These 45 minute powerpoint presentations offer time at the end for the audience to ask questions or share stories of building they know.

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