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      Working from home? Furloughed and just cruising the internet to keep your mind busy? I'm so glad you stopped by! These days are filled with uncertainty, and it is okay to want a little bit of art to refresh your eyes. Please feel free to take a peek, sign up for the quarterly newsletter, or follow me on  or on   for more regular infusion of art.

In regards to any plans for workshops this summer I am working on the best way to adapt them to small, socially distant groups or one on one options with wipe downs of all group handled supplies. Masks will be part of my workshop ensemble and for the  participants. Because things are still uncertain for many libraries, I will still be offering the special summer reading workshop "Imagine Your Story" beyond the traditional end dates and on into the fall.

There are also numerous museums who have put their collections online and of course your local artists are sharing their work to help keep people's spirits lifted. If you feel inspired, grab that paper and those colored pencils or a simple ballpoint pen and start creating a journal. It doesn't have to be fancy, as a matter of fact try not to use anyone's journal as a guide. Just dive in, make that first mark, let yourself go and grow as you create. Be well, stay safe and take care of yourself.


This is the place for those looking to add some creativity to their lives, homes or work spaces. I am a photographer, designer, presenter, and mixed media artist. Pursuing my interest in each to adds balance to my life and helps me achieve my goals. What are your goals? What do you want to create? Do you enjoy architecture and history?

Whatever your interest, let's pursue it! It doesn't have to be lofty to be important in your life.

I offer group workshops that explore different topics, photography lectures, and mentoring for groups and individuals looking to make a change in their lives. So much is possible once you can clear out the excess!                 

My lecture style programs feature local architecture with a bit of each building's history. These 45 minute powerpoint presentations offer time at the end for the audience to ask questions or share stories of building they know.

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