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   It has been a crazy start to this new decade for all of us! Covid-19 has upset every life on some level, personally it has meant the cancellation of all my workshops since March, and on into the unforeseen future. Luckily they are a side gig for me and not my main source of income. But it has still required some retooling and rethinking of what I can offer to my creative followers when we can't meet in person. And so, I am offering collage packets for purchase to keep you creating at home! These packets are filled with original papers, not photocopies, some dating back over 100 years! 

sample of mixed media papers in packet

close up of 1892 mag ad close up of 1892 text page Christmas music score Catalonia city map Classical music score Classical music score German book page 

The above is just a sample of what you might get! There are also some Victorian art designs of children, animals, holidays and the like, even old photographs that may find a way into your packet. Sheet music, foreign language pages, textbook pages and more! Each packet will be unique as I winnow down my workshop stock and get it out there for those searching for a creative outlet to pour their energy into. These are not downloads, but actual pages you can tear, ink, dye, and more to fit your artistic need. Perfect for mixed media enthusiasts, and a delight to sort through. The cost for these packets are $25 each for over 25 sheets, free US S&H. You can order these by emailing me at , as I will not be selling them through the website, you can pay me via check, venmo or apple pay, and I will send them right out to the address you provide. Then you can dive into all that papery goodness and create masterpieces of your own!

But wait, there's more!

I am also offering photography classes for those who have a camera they aren't comfortable with. There is a beginner level course to help you find your way around the basic settings. I will have photo-treks for those interested in getting out and putting their skills into use. You can start with the 5 quick tip sheet to help understand what your camera offers. Just sign up on the "stay in touch" page, and I will get it right out to you. If you are already comfortable using your camera and want to book a photo-trek, let me know. I am doing private, and semi-private ones if you want to bring a friend, the cost is $100 for private $85/pp for semi private. You can choose between nature or urban treks in the greater Nashua, NH area, they are about 1.5 hours depending on location and the pace we set. Want to know more? Shoot me an email at to get things started!

This is the place for those looking to add some creativity to their lives, homes or work spaces. I am a photographer, designer, presenter, and mixed media artist. Pursuing my interest in each to adds balance to my life and helps me achieve my goals. 

   What do you want to create? Whatever your interest, let's pursue it! It doesn't have to be lofty to be important in your life.

Hopefully soon I can offer group workshops again that explore different topics, photography lectures, and mentoring for groups and individuals looking to make a change in their lives. So much is possible once you can clear out the excess,                        and set aside the excuses!                 

My lecture style programs feature local architecture with a bit of each building's history. These 45 minute powerpoint presentations offer time at the end for the audience to ask questions or share stories of building they know.

Let's learn and create!


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