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        Covid-19 update:  As group workshops are not possible at this time, let's look at other options to get your creativity in gear! I am available for private and semi private photo workshops, have packets of collage papers you can buy to create masterpieces at home (I have a packet you can purchase full of papery goodness that can be yours! It comes with a list of ideas to get you started.) Each packet is $25 and has an assortment of vintage papers, text pages, and bright bits and bobs to get your creativity flowing. 

Don't let the Coronavirus stop  you from creating!

Let's talk, and see what works for you.                          

My lecture program "There is Beauty: a look at lost spaces" is a photographic journey of Northeast architecture  that has been neglected or demolished, and a bit of the history behind each. We will take a look at both urban              and rural buildings as a window to the past. The program runs approximately 45 minutes with time for                 audience questions at the end. ($175)     

Ask at your local library, senior center or art center to see if they have booked one! 

                                                               Print out this brochure for your files.

Workshops run from 1.5 - 2.0 hours each with all supplies included.

                                          There is beauty...

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