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Goal setting

We are all busy with the demands of daily life, yet yearn for a bit of space to explore dreams that refuse to go away. Whether it is a big change or small, it all begins with that first step. Which can be hard to see, much less take. This is where an outside voice can help you get underway by setting goals, following up and guiding you to a spot where you can take flight or redirect your energies. Often a dream can unexpectedly take you in a previously unrealized direction, and you arrive in an amazing place you didn't even have on your radar!

Keeping yourself moving forward while attending to everything else can be very difficult, slow progress can seem like no progress. It can be hard to wait and see what in is store when things get shelved for more immediate concerns. Having someone help you with a plan that you can use to keep your momentum, someone for whom you will be accountable for your progress, and someone to look with fresh eyes can be invaluable. This is where goal setting with me can help, let's get together and see where you want to go!

4 week goal setting program-

Set aside 4 weeks to hash out your preliminary plan, and get the ball rolling! In this program we will meet once a week starting with a 1-2 hour get to know you meeting. There will be worksheets and planner sheets to help guide you along, so you can really look at your dream and narrow your focus. This will allow you to work out a timeline we can fine tune as we go along. It won't be easy, there will be work and hard truths to confront as you weigh all your options and prepare to step up to your goal. Toss in some art to help keep the process moving, and see what you can create on this journey! ($100/pp for the package)

Let's get started !


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