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Fun Stuff

January's tip of the month: Start off the new year by sparking your creativity. Make 4 piles of 6 slips of paper, write a direction on each and keep in a basket on your worktable. For example a pile for media, color, technique and shape. So you might draw out the following slips: ink, blue, sponge and heart. From there see what you create!

February's tip of the month: Clean house! Organize your workspace, set aside some long forgotten items and create the piece they were meant to be.

March's tip of the month: Tissue paper makes a great transparent surface to work on. you can add watercolor paint to it, tea stain it, stamp on it and then layer it on your base surface.

April's tip of the month: Drywall joint tape is an easy item to use for adding texture and interest to a mixed media piece. You can paint it for a pop of color, or sponge paint through it for a stenciled look. Best part is that rolls are easy to find and inexpensive!

May's tip of the month: When using fresh leaves or grasses be sure to press them between tissue paper and under a heavy book, or in between the pages of a book, to get all the moisture out and keep them from curling.

June's tip of the month: Don't use more paint than you need. Squeeze out a small amount so that you have what you need and aren't wasting your supplies.

July's tip of the month: Save those scraps! From grocery lists to used stamps on envelopes, have a shoebox handy to put these in for future use.

August's tip of the month: Using rubber stamps on old book pages lets you do a whole tabletop of pieces in one sitting, assembly line style. Which is great for those days when the creative mood strikes you.

September's tip of the month: Weathering papers can add dimension and texture to your art. You can layer different papers and natural items together, secure them with twine or place under a heavy item and place outdoors through a couple weather cycles. After being exposed to sun and rain the surfaces will take on a patina all their own.

October's tip of the month: Get out and get some of those autumn leaves! You can either press them to add to your project, or use them as stencils by using spray ink around their shapes on your finished piece.

November's tip of the month: Almost anything can be used as a stencil. Even copier paper will work. Just coat both sides with several coats of Modge Podge, cut out your copied shape and you have a nice, thin personalize stencil.

December's tip of the month: Adding a bit of iridescence to your art will give a nice sparkle. Go lightly, you can always add more, but it is hard to undo a heavy hand.


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