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April's tip of the month: Drywall joint tape is an easy item to use for adding texture and interest to a mixed media piece. You can paint it for a pop of color, or sponge paint through it for a stenciled look. Best part is that rolls are easy to find and inexpensive!

May's tip of the month: When using fresh leaves or grasses be sure to press them between tissue paper and under a heavy book, or in between the pages of a book, to get all the moisture out and keep them from curling.

June's tip of the month: Don't use more paint than you need. Squeeze out a small amount so that you have what you need and aren't wasting your supplies.

July's tip of the month: Save those scraps! From grocery lists to used stamps on envelopes, have a shoebox handy to put these in for future use.

August's tip of the month: Using rubber stamps on old book pages lets you do a whole tabletop of pieces in one sitting, assembly line style. Which is great for those days when the creative mood strikes you.

September's tip of the month: Weathering papers can add dimension and texture to your art. You can layer different papers and natural items together, secure them with twine or place under a heavy item and place outdoors through a couple weather cycles. After being exposed to sun and rain the surfaces will take on a patina all their own.

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